Big or small we will take care to design your project to fit your every need.  Here is where we can meet or talk about your project.  Schedule a meeting or phone conversation and we will guide you through the design process.

Door Profiles

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Types Of Wood

Types Of Wood

During the build process, we will work with you and any other contractors to help meet deadlines.  This will help ensure everything will fall into place and make for a better experience.

We expect your installations to take a few days, but this may vary depending on the amount of cabinetry.  We will begin by reviewing the plans and identifying any unique situations.


Before installation begins, the space should be thoroughly prepped.  Working around cabinetry after they are installed can lead to accidental cabinet damage that will delay the project.  This means everything that can be done should be done.  The cabinets are a final finish product.

Complete Before Cabinet Install:

  • If replacing existing cabinetry, it should be completely removed.
  • Drywall work including taping should be done.
  • The first coat of paint should be finished.
  • Rough electrical work should be done.
  • Rough plumbing work should be done.
  • Sink, disposal, dishwasher, & plumbing disconnected and removed.
  • Range, range hood, or over the range microwave is disconnected and pulled out of the kitchen.
  • Refrigerators are disconnected and removed from the kitchen.
  • All appliances, including the sink, should be on-site or have all the necessary dimensions.

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